When we think of the Wild West we usually think of cowboys, gunslingers and small, dusty towns. But what about before then? What was the really Wild West like before European Americans? Well, there were Native Americans of course, and lots of wild nature. And one expedition of 1804 was the first time European

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Junior Editor JAKE
CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF?  Hello, my name is Jake and I am eleven years old. I live in Devon, on a smallholding with a lot of animals. My interests are: photography, magic, books, nature, outdoors, Lego and cheese. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE BOOK
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An Important Person
I’m stirring noodles in a pot when Billy gets home. He comes round the back and knocks over Dad’s beer bottles. They are lined up outside. Billy shouts loudly and throws the door open. ‘Is he here?’ he says. ‘No,’ I say. ‘He’s just left.’ Billy nods
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Musical Expressions
Hip hop originates from the USA and is both a genre of music and, for some people, a way of life. It came about some fifty years ago and the sound consists of rhythmic beats and samples (short melodic tunes taken from other songs) with lyrics rapped