If ever there was a year to follow two coaches, this is the one. Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet and Amber Dodzweit Riposta are two of the most incredible, humble and adept athletes on the planet, and each has a body-positive message that rings true on multiple levels.

What’s more, they are real people with real faults and unruly hair and pimples and “boogies.” They both have an incredible sense of humor, and during filming, they had us laughing until we cried and taught us how to dance-pose and perfect our Blue Steel in between squat and deadlift tutorials. They are fun and frank, and although you’ll probably work harder than you even have with a workout program, you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Read on to see what each coach has in store for you this year, and see whether

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Napping Notes
Plenty of research touts the restorative benefits of short naps, but there is a napping time limit that should not be exceeded: A recent review of more than 20 different studies indicates that long naps can leave you groggy and that study participant
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■ Why did you move to Maine? ANDREW: We lived in a loft in Fort Lauderdale, [Florida], with three dogs and no space. We loved it, but we really wanted to spread out and have some land and a beautiful view. We both needed more nature and more hikes an
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Office Workouts
Engage your core, improve posture and balance, and increase caloric burn while standing on this electricity-free springboard during work meetings or at your standing desk. The board also helps correct your form, tilting when your center of gravity is