1. Jetboil Summit Skillet

Backcountry Top Chefs, look no further. The Summit Skillet’s thicker-than-average aluminum base distributes heat as well as your favorite frying pan at home, and a ceramic nonstick coating (nontoxic and PFOA-free) keeps cleanup easy. We used the 8-inch pan to make everything from caramelized onions to golden-brown pancakes. A folding handle aids in packing,

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Altro da Backpacker

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Thrive at Altitude
Your body begins to sense a decrease in oxygen levels at around 5,000 feet and responds by increasing respiration and heart rates. As your body works harder, it uses water more quickly. High elevations are also less humid, so sweat evaporates faster,
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TENTS STRONGEST OUR TAKE In 2014, we lauded the four-season Moment for its stability, and this redesign doubles down on sturdiness. A thicker brow pole provides better support in high winds: “I saw 45-mph gusts and the tent stood firm,” said one test
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In the Zone
WE STEP OUT of our shuttle van and onto the sloping streets of Boi—a tiny mountain village a few hours north of Barcelona. The skies are blue overhead, the temperature is comfortably warm, and we’ve got 7.8 miles and 3,000 feet of elevation gain betw