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What We Gain From Pain

for masochism is booming. Forget Ironman triathlons; now there are Deca Ironmans—ten Ironman triathlons in ten days—and endurance races like obstacle courses featuring ice-cold pools, 10,000-volt electric shocks, and tear gas. One of the most popular series, Tough Mudder, has attracted more than 3.5 million participants (20,000 of them with Tough Mudder tattoos) since it began in 2010. Often compared to a cult because of the zeal of its adherents, CrossFit has 15,000-plus locations (more than Starbucks) and an estimated 4 million devotees—outnumbering the populations of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, and North Dakota combined.

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Becoming Mr. Brightside
HUMANS ARE HARDWIRED for negativity. We dwell on the bad. We assume the worst. We’re way more likely to remember that one time our boss told us we were sloppy than the ten times she told us we were great. And as much as we try to look on the bright s
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EXPLOSIVE! like LeBron James
Set up a barbell about 3 feet off the floor in a rack. Lie on the floor beneath with your upper rib cage right below the barbell and grasp it with an overhand grip. Tighten your core and glutes, keeping your torso in a straight line. Bend at the elbo
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Henry Cavill Won’t Back Down
OF ALL THE Men of Steel on display at House of Secrets—a comic-book store in Burbank with red-and-blue renditions of Superman dotting the ceiling, the walls, and even the floor—none are as striking, or as symbolically fraught, as the one staring down