Eat Well

The art of fermentation

Did you know our bodies are 90 per cent microbial? Not by weight but by numbers of cells. As humans, we are inclined to believe we’re the most superior and complex species on Earth, but we’re more bacteria than anything else. In fact, we’re all just big bags of bugs walking around sharing bugs with each other in a thriving bug-topia.

According to comprehensive research conducted by the National Institute of Health in the US, the average human has over 100 trillion microbes in and on their body, with 80 per cent of these microbes living in the gastrointestinal system. From there, the “good” bacteria help to digest and break down food, strengthen our immune systems and keep our mood stable. Just how bacteria do this remains unknown, as gut health research is still

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That's Amore Cheese
Recipe / That’s Amore Cheese Serves: 4 8 large field mushrooms, stalks removedExtra-virgin olive oil50g unsalted butter1 clove garlic, crushed1 tbsp sage leaves, finely chopped Preheat oven to 180°C. Place mushrooms, stalk-side up, in a baking
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Eat Well1 min letti
Eat Well
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