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Body of Art: A Celebration of Life In Motion

Body of Art: A Celebration of Life In Motion, by Cristen Barker and Kimberly Hise. Photograph of Kristen and Kimberly in yoga posture by Nigel Barker
Photograph by Nigel Barker

A celebration of movement and mindfulness — identical twin sisters share connection, motherhood, yoga, career and life musings 

We came into this world together 44 years ago, identical twins who share everything — even our DNA. 

We are yogis, mothers, wives, career women — and seekers / life journeyers. 

Our Instagram account  began on a whim while vacationing together in our home state of Alabama. My husband, photographer Nigel Barker, posted a picture of us doing yoga together on his , and the response was crazy. He then encouraged us to start our own public

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