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Maya Rudolph
SNL is where I fell in love with Maya. She has an amazing command of using the sounds of her words to make anything funny. Her Aunt Jemima impression [on the post-election episode]—just listen to her say “mouthwatering.” It makes me laugh every time
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Best Movie Moment: Invisible Man’s Killer Move
Horror thriller The Invisible Man contains many jaw-dropping sequences as Elisabeth Moss’ unhinged heroine Cecilia is terrifyingly harassed by her psychotic ex-boyfriend Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), the titular unseen gent. But none were as shockin
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Great Performances
Cheater, charmer, charlatan: As the philandering art-dealer father to a flailing Rashida Jones in Sofia Coppola’s champagne-fizzy New York fantasy, Murray is all those things, and more—the inimitable, unmissable Bill. —LEAH GREENBLATT In a Spike Lee