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“People assume they’ll be happier once they reach a certain threshold—financially, creatively, romantically,” says Laurie Santos, PhD, the

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“I Will Prioritize Sleep For Glowy Skin.”
If you graded me on my sleep, I’d get a D…for deprived. Late-night Insta-scrolling followed by crack-of-dawn workouts have me feeling and looking like a zombie. That stops now. “Sleep preserves collagen and hyaluronic acid, the molecules that give sk
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Feeling Flu-like?
This particular type of OTC anti-inflammatory (such as ibuprofen) helps block the production of prostaglandins. Try Advil or Motrin, and take it early—like, as soon as you start experiencing that achy feeling. If you’re not already on birth control p
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Kate The Great
Kate Hudson is on a mission. It’s Friday morning, and the 40-year-old is sipping a cup of black coffee in her Santa Monica office as she details her grand plan to build a bustling business empire. She’s already off to an impressive start: Her portfol