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[I Old Hall

Coming over the start finish line you'll be at a slight lean angle and gassing hard, wrestling the bike from the centre of the track to the left hand side; by the time the track runs straight you need to be well onto the lighter patch of tarmac that runs down the side of the track. Just as you come under the start lights get your body in position and hit the brakes where the dirt road starts on the left hand side of the track. There's a few big

. bumps so be aware. Peel in as late as possible, just before the

.··· .··· start of the inside kerb, and apex where the drain cover dissects

··· the white line. It's a late apex and it's important that you carry

. plenty of speed into the turn

. and get on the gas hard to

. avoid being passed on the run

. down The Avenue. The bike

. will want to run onto

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