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There have been countless Hollywood tales concerned with humankind’s ongoing struggle to hold back the growth of technology over the years. From the Matrix trilogy released either side of the Millennium, to the more recent Her, the question embedded right at the core of each new tale is the same. Do we control technology, or does it control us?

Certainly, on this side of theater screens, . The ubiquity of digital technologies in modern life would appear as dark and dystopian as many fictional visions of the 21st century, if it was presented as a possibility only several decades ago. In fact, it would probably be quickly identified that we appeared distinctly shackled; constantly engaged with

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Piece Of Spacex Rocket Debris Lands At Washington State Farm
A piece of burning rocket debris seen streaking across the Pacific Northwest sky last week crashed on a farm in eastern Washington state, authorities said. After the March 25 event, a farmer discovered a nearly intact piece of rocket in a private fie
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What Biden’s New $100b Plan For Broadband Means
The problems with U.S. broadband networks have been obvious for years. Service costs more than in many other rich nations, it still doesn’t reach tens of millions of Americans and the companies that provide it don’t face much competition. Now the Bid