o this workout three times per week with rest days in between. Complete all sets for each exercise before moving on to the next one. “Short rest and repeated strain on the muscles will stimulate more growth-enhancing metabolic changes than if you rest longer,” Fog-Wiltse says. “You’ll see and feel

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The Living Forest
Years ago, my family hiked into the Navajo Nation forest with a medicine man in search of a tree that could act as an intermediary to the Creator. It had to be sturdy enough to match our prayers for positive growth and young enough to have time to ma
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4. Head For The HIlls
Steven DeBorde first discovered the Highland Lakes as a child, when his older sister took him hiking around its glimmering ponds and rivers. Today he runs Central Texas Outdoor Adventures, a SUP and kayak outfitter. When he’s not leading hiking trips
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It Happened To Me, Fuel Up, Cheat Sheet
ON MY FIRST TRIP to the San Juans in southern Colorado, I decided to explore the range the best way I know: by going for a run. The 6.5-mile trail to Ice Lake ascended 3,000 feet, and dark clouds gathered as my friends and I picked our way through a