THE EXPERT Jolene C. Hardy

Hardy is an associate professor of orthopaedic surgery at the University of Arizona College of Medicine and a former ranger at Philmont Scout Ranch.


Arms assist in backpacking in four crucial ways: First, they act as a counterbalance to the momentum of the body—that’s why we swing them when we walk. Second, they control our trekking poles. “You have to push poles against the ground to improve stability and reduce impact,” Hardy says. Third,

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11. Chase the Sunrise
This dawn view from Main Overlook in New River Gorge is well worth an early wake-up. This prime suncatching spot, the start of the Grandview Rim Trail, connects with the North Overlook and Turkey Spur overlook further along the 3.2-mile out-and-back
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Fall From A Cliff
THE BLUE UTAH SKY filled my vision as I lay motionless on my back. My right arm was bent at a grotesque angle, my back felt like it had been shattered by a boulder, and I couldn’t move one of my feet. Only one person knew where I was, and she’d left
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12. Follow In The Footsteps Of Bears
I GUESS THEY named this place for a reason, I think when I see a set of fresh bear tracks in the dirt just before Beartrap Trail Camp. We’re in the former range of some of California’s last grizzlies, and their heirs—black bears—are plentiful around