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Professor Newman on… Good vibrations

Image stabilisation, or vibration reduction, is one of the ‘must-have' features of a modern camera. Manufacturers often make claims that their systems offer some amount of stabilisation, declaring the results in ‘EV' or ‘stops. This means they believe the sharpness of the image will be the same as that taken using a shutter speed so many stops slower with the stabilisation. The procedure describes how to construct a vibration test apparatus and measure the degradation due to vibration of the resultant image.

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WE'VE been eagerly awaiting the X-Pro3's arrival to find out how Fujifilm's eccentric idea of doing away with a traditional rear screen has affected what it is like to use. It's a camera that has been subject to much controversy and certainly has the
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Take Back Control
Claire Gillo is a photographer and writer living in Devon. She writes articles for a number of photography publications including Amateur Photographer and Digital Camera. Find out more at or follow her on Instagram @clairegillopho
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Duratect Finishes
FUJIFILM offers the X-Pro3 in three different finishes – a standard black finish that's similar to the X-Pro models we've seen before and two new premium Duratect finishes that feature an extremely hard, scratch-resistant coating that's said to rank