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It’s Bootsy, Baby
The Power of the One is the name of both your new album and its lead single. What does the phrase mean to you? / The power of one is all of us together. We all are one ship, this earth, and we’ve got to get together and hit things as one people—the t
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Baby, It’s Jaxx Outside
EVERYONE NEEDS A PUBLICIST—particularly at the most wonderful time of the year, when emotions run high and the slightest offense can destroy a career. (Last year, Nicole Kidman nearly ruined Christmas by sending vegemite fruitcakes to her Big Little
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Movie Reviews
STARRING SOPHIA LOREN, IBRAHIMA GUEYE RATING + TIME PG-13; 1 HR., 34 MINS. Sophia Loren is by far the best reason to see Edoardo Ponti’s new Italian-language drama, out now on Netflix. But what a reason it is: Though at 86 she may no longer be the ri