Where the Living Is Easy

Lillian Montalvo was encouraged to test the limits of her imagination. She obliged, throwing dry spaghetti onto a table and watching as the pieces fell into a pleasing arrangement. That linear pattern, which she says evoked the “randomness” of nature, stuck

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an Open Invitation
When Sherry Birk and Anthony Orona moved into their dream house, it wasn’t the ideal time to meet the neighbors. It was April of 2020, and Austin, like much of the world, was under stay-at-home orders. But the couple soon discovered that their house
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Vanity Projects
According to Babba Rivera, marketing phenom and founder of hair-care brand Ceremonia I feel like the products are what should shine in a beauty space. I don’t think you need a designated vanity with a chair. When I think about how I live my life, I d
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Design for Everyone
In 1988 Betsey and Sam Farber had a lightbulb moment as Betsey struggled to peel apples with a metal vegetable peeler. Two years later, Sam helped launch the OXO line of Good Grips kitchen tools. The goal might have been to make day-today tasks easie