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Maty Ezraty was just 23 years old when she opened the original YogaWorks in Santa Monica, California. Her vision was simple but revolutionary: She wanted to create a yoga school that offered a diverse, high-quality selection of classes to appeal to a wide array of people. It was 1987, and yoga studios typically only offered one style of yoga. But Ezraty had been influenced by both Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga, so she knew the benefits of studying several methods.

YogaWorks quickly became the school Ezraty had set out to create, offering more than 120 classes per week, serving more than 700 students per day. She also trained many of the yoga teachers we seek out today, including Kathryn Budig, Annie Carpenter, and Seane Corn. Although she sold YogaWorks in 2004, Ezraty still teaches around the world and is considered a true pioneer in the yoga community. Here, she gives her perspective on leadership: How she approached it, the potential risks of commercializing yoga and glorifying practitioners on social

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Ardya Matsyendrasana
POSES A Begin in Sukhasana (Easy Pose) with your left leg crossed on top of your right. B Root down with your sitting bones and elongate your spine. C Imagine a central axis running from your pelvic floor through your torso to the crown of your head.
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A Sequence for Liberating Your Soul
My name is Alicia Crysta Easter, which means “noble anointed one of dawn.” (Ēostre was a Germanic goddess of spring.) I am the daughter of Cynthia Geneva Lawson and granddaughter of Eleanor Cecilia Lawson. I am a yogi, Black woman, teacher, podcast h
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Exploring Kaiut Yoga
Yoga can help us be deeply loving and accepting of our history, pain, and trauma, instead of ignoring or denying these experiences. I learned this while growing up in Brazil. My father was in the military, and one day when I was five years old, my co