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Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana

Upward-Facing Intense Stretch Pose

Learn how to hug your torso and thighs together and lengthen upward to find balance in this peak pose from Annie Carpenter’s sequence.


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I Started Resiliency School to Cultivate Peace in the Modern World
SOMETIMES LIFE COMES at you blow after blow. When that happens, how do you get up? How do you thrive? The last year delivered a series of unprecedented long-term challenges that brought us face to face with those questions: Collectively, we experienc
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Deepen Your Practice
Prana - The force of life. Prana vayu, for example, roughly means “life wind,” a name for the air we breathe. When we understand that prana lives in our breath, we realize that there is vital energy in breathing that propels and sustains life. —Rina