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Sharpening and noise reduction are two of those rather boring but nonetheless essential image-editing tasks we all need to master if we want the best photographic results. They’re something to be done swiftly and without fuss, so that we can get on to more creative edits – so it helps to speed up this rather mundane process if you know exactly which tools to use,

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How To Shoot Food, Glorious Food
Food photography has really grown in popularity in recent years. Many restaurants even encourage their diners to take shots, as a picture of a dish on Instagram that looks good enough to eat can open the door to potential new customers. There’s no do
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Cities To Visit
To explore the theme of urban photography in more detail, here I’ll show a few examples of major cities around the world, along with the places and spaces that make them perfect for photography. My aim is to encourage you to think about how you can a
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Highly Commended Tracey Lund Bird Underwater Catching Another Bird “This was taken on a trip to Shetland, using a DSLR camera in a waterproof housing, attached to a polecam system. To be able to capture what goes on under the water as these gannets d