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The original portrait was takenfor Vogue in New York City. Penn was renowned for being meticulous about detail, clean lines and shape so we needed to ensure we matched the original as closely as possible. We found a similar looking top for our model from for £5.

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Amateur Photographer3 min letti
Thoroughbred Champion
If bad luck comes in threes, American artist and businessman Brian Clopp is relieved the most recent triptych is over. Arriving on the flight to London to receive his first prize in the Thrills and Adventure category at the 2019 Travel Photographer o
Amateur Photographer2 min letti
‘Secret Sam’ Spy Camera
Having spent a decade working my way through my camera collection at a steady and uninterrupted rate of one per week, this year I'm relaxing the pace, and revisiting all the cameras that I used for taking photographs, as opposed to collecting and dis
Amateur Photographer1 min letti
Back In The Day
With the coronavirus running amok and millions self-isolating at home with a year's supply of toilet rolls, let's look back to another time when folk found themselves stuck indoors for long periods: the Blitz. How can photographers get their creative