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Every year, there’s a new crop of diets focused on weight loss, disease prevention, or overall longevity. In general, the best of these avoid calorie counting, focus on whole foods, and are either balanced enough that they can be followed for the long run, or effective enough that they’re worth trying for a short time. Here’s a look at five of today’s most popular eating plans, with the best and worst of each.


Possibly the most popular diet of 2018, the ketogenic (also called “Keto”) diet focuses on minimal carbs—about 5 percent of daily calories—with moderate protein (20 percent) and very high amounts of fat (75 percent). It’s designed to shift the metabolism into ketosis, a state in which the body burns fat, instead of sugar, for fuel. The diet is

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Dr. Smith’s Favorite Recipes From Fast Burn
* PANCAKES: I love pancakes, so I put my grandmother’s pancake recipe in there. People typically can’t have pancakes on a weight-loss program, but I think life without eating pancakes is kind of a half experience. * BEEF BURRITO BOWL: I love this rec
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Flower Power
Also called dula contains marigold, calen natural anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. It’s intensely healing to the skin and can be used in place of drugstore antibacterial ointments and creams for minor cuts, scrapes, and bu
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Food Sources Of Collagen
Collagen is most concentrated in the bones, tendons, ligaments, and skin of animals and fish—parts that most people don’t typically eat. Bone broth, made the traditional way, is a good food source of collagen. Vitamin C boosts our internal collagen p