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In his 41-year military career, Gen. Martin Dempsey faced bombs, snipers, and throat cancer. “The key factor in survival is immediate action,” Dempsey says. Charge in with all the firepower you have. The only way out, he adds, “is through.” To combat his cancer, he quickly assembled a medical team and laid out an action plan: “I asked my oncologist, surgeon, and radiologist to meet together instead of individually. It was typical military strategy.” Think economy of force; use all force available in the most effective way possible. His cancer remains in

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Jersey Strong
IT’S NO ENDLESS summer for the lifeguards of Monmouth County, a superfit group of men and women made up of students, teachers, police officers, and others who can wrangle time off in July and August to save lives. They brave freezing rain and frigid
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Ask The Editors
Q+A WITH THE E.I.C. LACK OF motivation is my biggest flaw. Any tips on overcoming that? —@alt_us MOTIVATION TO do what? Self-help types like to talk about how running away from something can be the same as running toward something, so what you’re sen
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Thinking Fast?
IT WAS THIS PAST SPRING, and Jack Dorsey, the tech entrepreneur who cofounded Twitter and Square, was on biohacker Ben Greenfield’s podcast to divulge the newest tool that helped him work the long, demanding, intensely focused hours required to run n