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The Future You

■ Think about you. You know, the guy who’s wearing your skin and living in your house.

Now think about you ten years from now.

Although you didn’t feel it, your neurons fired differently when you conjured those thoughts. The first neural pattern would tell scientists: “I’m thinking about me.” But the second would likely

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EXPLOSIVE! like LeBron James
Set up a barbell about 3 feet off the floor in a rack. Lie on the floor beneath with your upper rib cage right below the barbell and grasp it with an overhand grip. Tighten your core and glutes, keeping your torso in a straight line. Bend at the elbo
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Henry Cavill Won’t Back Down
OF ALL THE Men of Steel on display at House of Secrets—a comic-book store in Burbank with red-and-blue renditions of Superman dotting the ceiling, the walls, and even the floor—none are as striking, or as symbolically fraught, as the one staring down
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The 9 Biggest Lies In Wellness
THE CLAIM: Sitting all day can kill you (or, at the very least, pile on the pounds); as a result, every office has at least one person with a mild standingdesk superiority complex. THE TRUTH: Standing won’t burn more calories. “The difference in meta