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Constant Change

change—jobs, apartments, scenery, relationships, health, opinions, and so on. Accepting change is hard for someone like me who is drawn to structure, organization, and clear goals and expectations, but I can honestly say that I’m always happier when I let go of rigidity and control and

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Letting in Love
The deepest feelings of human suffering are those of being unlovable—shame, fear, hopelessness, and isolation. When you become lost in suffering, a key question to ask yourself is, Can I let in love? Let me explain. I began the practice of letting in
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4 Yoga Podcasts to Follow
INSTAGRAM: @thewisepodcast With her Radically Loved podcast in its fifth season (with more than a million downloads), Rosie Acosta is launching a second, called WISE (Women Inspiring Success and Empowerment), this month. Episodes will feature powerfu
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For The Love Of Chocolate
Make a date this Valentine’s Day to savor the gift of cocoa. Mindful eating encourages us to fully experience our food—its aroma, flavor, texture—and how it makes us feel. Eating chocolate is proven to calm nerves and promote happiness (it releases d