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Warrior 2

This shot has all the ingredients for a lovely landscape, but the tones initially look a little flat. It’s often the case with raw files, as camera makers expect raw shooters to make their own enhancements. So my approach here is simply to enhance the

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The great pioneer of the full-frame mirrorless market has been facing a stiff challenge recently – but now Sony is fighting back. The fourth iteration of its Alpha 7R camera features a 61MP image sensor, with Pixel Shift technology enabling you to sh
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Make Your Own Lens
Premium lenses often come with a hefty price tag, and that’s certainly no different when it comes to tilt-shift lenses. These specialist optics feature the ability to adjust the focal plane by physically moving and pivoting the lens in a way that isn
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Shooting Long Exposures
In-camera noise reduction is applied when the image is processed, so normally only affects JPEG images. However, long-exposure noise reduction affects both JPEGs and raw files. The reason for this is that the camera has to physically take two images