One month, 15km

You can run. Now what? It’s time to apply some method to the madness of frollicking on the trails. Using a basic training plan will help you get faster, build endurance, and prevent injuries.

Joining the ranks of trail runners in South Africa is like being a kid with the key for your favourite sweet store. But instead of toffee apples and candy floss, as a trail runner you can enjoy our mountains, savannah, forests, deserts, and amazing coastline.

Hardcore trail runners will tell roadies that trail running is not for sissies. But don’t let this scare you off: you don’t have to be a superhero to start running trails, and once you do this, a

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52 Weeks 52 Peaks
Three years ago, Jan Ham (38) of Somerset West accepted a New Year’s challenge from a friend to spend more time in nature by running a peak a week. “It lasted four weeks before a back injury crippled me, leading to my first-ever DNF during the Africa
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Back Yourself
My name is Trish Eksteen and I’m a trail runner that faces obstacles! It’s actually pretty funny when I introduce myself to people and they ask me: “So what line of business are you in?” and I respond “Obstacles, and you?” We are all in the business
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Changing Things
How do you connect with Nature? Tell us at Trail runners at the Origin of Trails Trail Run on 1 December supported the Urban Caracal Project. Voluntary donations went to the non-profit to tag, track, and study the elusive c