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Now then, this has been a subject many of my peers have, with varying degrees of success and failure, been studiously avoiding over recent weeks. Me, though? Nah, I’ll tackle it head on! I’m referring to the decision of some sports to remove brolly girls, or walk-on girls, or similar, from their sporting activities. Where some lead, many

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Fast Bikes2 min letti
Hi guys, just received my first FB issue, and I’m pretty stoked it turned out to be everything I was expecting: great bikes, humour and interesting/useful tech articles. I used to receive a rival magazine at my doorstep, but since they demoted that p
Fast Bikes2 min letti
The End Is Nigh
WORDS: PRETTY BOY My god, how good has this season of British Superbikes been? It’s had the lot: drama and disappointment, jubilation and joy, and all in a neat little championship package – but alas, we’re almost at the last hurdle now, and who’s g
Fast Bikes2 min letti
USB Completed 2019
It took hundreds of laps, thousands of miles and about a million laughs to put this massive two-part test together, but if you ask us, it was definitely worth it. Nobody has gone to the lengths that we have to assess every single quality of all of th