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Now then, this has been a subject many of my peers have, with varying degrees of success and failure, been studiously avoiding over recent weeks. Me, though? Nah, I’ll tackle it head on! I’m referring to the decision of some sports to remove brolly girls, or walk-on girls, or similar, from their sporting activities. Where some lead, many

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Fast Bikes3 min letti
Christian Iddon
The 2021 British Superbike season continues to come ever closer like a steam roller. Yep, just like a steam roller. Coming at full pelt towards us at a painfully slow pace but yet with an air of inevitability that when it finally gets here, it’s comi
Fast Bikes8 min letti
Hawk Racing 25 Years In The Making
If you’re a fan of British Superbikes, you will have no doubt heard of Hawk Racing, more familiarly known as the Buildbase Team of recent times. The team was founded in 1996 by Stuart Hicken, and it goes without saying that these lads have been doing
Fast Bikes4 min lettiAutomotive
Electric Avenue
Traditionally, Kawasaki’s Ninja ZX-10R model is bought by, shall we say, ‘enthusiastic’ riders? A machine that has forged a reputation for its no-compromise attitude and track focus, the Ninja sells on the fact it wins World Superbike titles and will