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Now then, this has been a subject many of my peers have, with varying degrees of success and failure, been studiously avoiding over recent weeks. Me, though? Nah, I’ll tackle it head on! I’m referring to the decision of some sports to remove brolly girls, or walk-on girls, or similar, from their sporting activities. Where some lead, many

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Fast Bikes2 min letti
Steve Parrish
Well, the world is slowly getting back to some sort of normality, and I for one could not be happier. Now I’m not sure about you lot, but I was starting to go a bit stir crazy! I mean, I even turned myself into an isolation inspection officer to chec
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Five Minutes With… Steve Sargent – Triumph Chief Product Officer.
FB: What was the thinking behind creating the Trident, and who’s it for? SS: “We wanted something easy to ride that is every bit as exciting as riding a Street Triple. We’ve put a lot of effort into the handling of the machine, making sure it’s nice
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Demons To Bed
Around a decade ago I would often find myself reaching for the sky… before smashing into another air fence. I was young, daft and prepared to ride as hard and as stupid as possible if it meant I’d get a few seconds more TV coverage in the process. I