Artist's Drawing and Inspiration

A Creative Child

I believe I was a creative child. I was born in 1966 and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. I had an older brother. During our long, dark winters we had lovely decorative candles on our tables. I could hardly wait until the wax had melted so I could scratch it off and try to form some little figurines. Our candles therefore always looked awful. I guess that is why Mum bought me some Plasticine, it came in a box, many sticks in several colours, and you kneaded them for a while until they were soft enough to shape. That is why I had the idea to soften them on the central heating system located in each room. It was

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration2 min letti
Artist S Hints And Tips
• I am sure you all have heard this before, a reminder never goes astray. It is very important to get your drawing as accurate as you can, because putting colour on an imperfect drawing will not make it better. • Practice, practice, practice and your
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration4 min letti
Mary River Rocks
I keep my ‘outdoor’ set in a cheap plastic fisherman’s box – the kind with compartments used to keep hooks and lures. I pack the pastels in with cotton wool or rice, so the rougher the journey, the cleaner they get. I use all kinds from the softest U
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration4 min letti
Natural History
I have always had a special interest in natural history – plants, animals and their landscapes – both artistically and scientifically. I grew up in Oxford where I took an Honours degree in Natural Science (Zoology). It was not very useful in terms of