The missing link

For years, Australia’s housing market has been identified as a “seller’s market” and that trend is set to continue in our roasting industry according to Licensed Business Broker Dan Levitus.

“Any coffee roaster is winning at the moment,” says Dan of Link Business. “It’s the best time to sell a roastery. It’s a competitive buying environment and that drives the price up. Sellers have all the leverage.”

Roasting has been regarded as a growth industry for the past 20 years, but in the past five, Dan has seen a lot of “garage-type home roasters” pop up and grow until they reach their limits.

“Often, those roasters push 400 to 500 kilograms [of roasted coffee] or more per week, and get to the point where their equipment can’t handle any more volume,” Dan says. “At this stage, they question whether it’s economically viable to increase production and

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