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Colourful ratios

Understanding the interaction between colour ratios and white balance is very important to studio photographers working with complex lighting rigs, colour gels and the like. Although mainly aimed at studio-equipped pros, the discussion about colour ratios

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Rendering Intents and Gamut Controls
Rendering intents are the different methods by which colour management systems convert some or all colours in a picture to the colour space of a given output device. You’ll generally find them in the print dialog box (shown here). Of the four renderi
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360 in 360
‘The 360 in 360 project was an idea I developed more than four years ago with an aim to showcase Australia in a way that has rarely been seen before,’ says award-winning Olympus photographer Scott Portelli. The concept is as simple as it is ambitious
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Using ICC profiles
I CC profiles are pieces of software code containing information that characterises each colour input or output device in an imaging workflow according to standards set up by the International Colour Consortium (ICC). They are used to define the way