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The story so far: Jeremy rode the KTM across Spain, caught the ferry to Melilla and spent his first night in Morocco in a dirt-floored room cut into the side of a hill. The owner warned him of rain, snow and wind in the Atlas Mountains, but he rode over them anyway. He managed to avoid snowdrifts, washed out roads and dehydration, then the bike blew over at the top of a pass and he picked up a hitchhiker before finally cresting the last rise and heading downhill through alpine scenery before finally reaching the desert. Now read on...

It was all massive dry sandstone canyons, windswepthere and there, but I saw nothing moving. Then, further on, in the bleakest and most windswept and remote places there would be a man or woman sitting at the side of the road. Or maybe a shepherd keeping an eye on a few sheep on a rocky hillside. All were completely alone, wrapped tightly against the bitter cold. Where they came from or how long it took them to get there was a complete mystery.

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