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Pots can fit anywhere – you could place pots on the side of some steps although be aware that it is a potential hazard for younger or older members of the family.


Long lengths of guttering can be fixed to a wall or attached to a specially made frame (pictured). The guttering should have holes drilled into the base. Fill with multi-purpose compost and maybe add some water-retaining gel to help conserve water. Gutters are ideal for shallow-rooted veg such as salad leaves, lettuce and strawberries. They will

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Pests And Problems
This affects parsnips as well as carrots. Keep the bed covered with fine mesh net to keep flies out. Put this on when you sow and leave it in place until the crop is lifted. Uncover for weeding, but don’t leave the bed exposed for long if you want gr
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Did You Know?
In January of this year the BBC reported that a dog walker in Tyne and Wear alerted the police to what she thought was a human foot buried in mud. When police investigated it turned out that what looked like a toe protruding through the mud was actua
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Creative Covers!
To make the most of my gardening space, I try to grow at least two crops in each bed every year, and often manage to grow three or four! Starting seeds off under cover (greenhouse, windowsill or cold frame) and putting them out as transplants means t