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There is a general, but unfortunate, consensus that gardening is an activity to take up when you retire. Once your kids have flown the nest, you’ve paid off the mortgage and are no longer enslaved to the 9-5. But to wait years, decades even, to grow your own food, is to miss out on one of life’s greatest pleasures – not to mention a whole load of nutrients.

I was eight months pregnant when I first took on an allotment. By the time my third child came along, most people, including my partner, questioned

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Mini Veg With Big Benefits
In spring we have a large choice of vegetables to grow, but come autumn and winter we often think we have few. In reality we have almost the same choice... but now they can be grown as ‘microgreens’. These are vegetables harvested at seedling stage a
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Grow With Belle
Hi! I’m Belle and I’m here every month to share lots of fun activities for you to do at home, on your own or with your family As everything begins to go quiet in the garden, now is the time to start planning for next year. What fruit and vegetables
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Kg Problem Solver
I wonder if you could help me out by identifying what is wiping out my runner bean plants – brown patches on leaves that then die and now brown patches on beans themselves. Miike Ashbridge, Pembrokeshire Guy Barter, chief horticulturist RHS GUY