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How successful was your 2018 gardening? If you cropped veg, fruit or flowers, or cut grass, you’ll have harvested (or, some would say, mined) the soil. Winter is the time to nurture, heal and prepare it for a new season. Join with fellow gardeners or allotmenteers to buy

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Grow With Belle
Hi! I’m Belle and I’m now here every month to share lots of fun activities for you to do at home, on your own or with your family Do you use bamboo canes in your garden or allotment? Canes can be really useful when growing flowers and vegetables that
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Potatoes In Pots
BIGROG106TH: I want to try growing potatoes in pots, but I’m a bit confused. The recommendation is to put three seed potatoes in each pot or growing bag, but that means the distance between tubers is much less than if they were in open ground. Why is
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Favourite Varieties
‘GREEN UTAH’: Long, green and crunchy stalks with excellent flavour and very popular in the USA. Matures September to December. (Kings Seeds) ‘PINK’: Attractive pink-tinged stems on vigorous plants with good disease resistance. Early maturing from Au