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How successful was your 2018 gardening? If you cropped veg, fruit or flowers, or cut grass, you’ll have harvested (or, some would say, mined) the soil. Winter is the time to nurture, heal and prepare it for a new season. Join with fellow gardeners or allotmenteers to buy

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In The Greenhouse
I always look forward to late May and early June when the first of the strawberries are ready to pick from the polytunnel. I grow them in containers and hanging pots and even without any artificial heat, the plants start to produce sweet, juicy berri
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Insect Deterrents
Some plants that have a strong odour can make your home less attractive to creepy crawlies! ■ A pot of lavender is said to deter spiders, while creating a wonderful fragrance. ■ The aroma of mint or rosemary is off-putting to our eight-legged friends
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Appy Gardening!
You might be perfectly happy with your hands-on gardening. After all, it’s good exercise and that physical contact with the garden is great for one’s mental health too. Despite that, smart gardening does have its plus points, providing you are happy