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I have a schizophrenic relationship with food. I care about, think about, write about and work with it a lot. I’ve edited a cookbook, I subscribe to multiple food magazines, and, thanks to my mother, who knows her way around a Magimix, I know what good food tastes like and what’s off limits (pineapple in coleslaw, margarine in anything.) Yet the only thing I can make is toast.

A heel

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Starting Over...
ONE DAY, WHEN MY DAUGHTER IS OLD ENOUGH to understand the gravitas of it (but not so old that she’ll just roll her eyes at me) I will tell her that when she was three years old the world became a completely different place, almost overnight. She alre
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Route Cause
THE STICKY-FINGERED BLISS  of luscious mango eaten straight from the skin. Sweltering heat. Splashing into a lukewarm swimming pool and washing the golden pulp from my little hands. These are my earliest memories of subtropical Limpopo. My family wou
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Prized Rice
Warm black rice bowl with mushrooms, nuts and veg Lexi Monzeglio developed this dish several years ago for a pop-up. It was the first dish she ever served from a restaurant kitchen. What inspired it? Pinterest, of course! “So many people are doing su