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Chad Quick Facts
Capital city: N’Djamena Population: 14 million (SA – 59 million) Size: 1 284 000 km2 (SA – 1 221 000km2 ) Official languages: Arabic, French Currency: Central African Franc (US$1 = 590 CAF; R1 = 36 CAF) Independence from France: August 11,
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I was most interested in reading the article on Botswana’s Hunter’s Road in the April issue of SA4x4. It certainly is a challenge with all that black cotton soil in the rains! In the article, the author mentioned that they visited Kukonje Island. Alt
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Growing Younger & The Art Of Disguise
Whilst ‘growing younger’ sounds like the sales pitch for a new anti-ageing cosmetic, it is indeed a scientific fact. Well, in some insects at least! One of the weirdest phenomena in all of nature is the ability of certain insects to grow younger, or