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Ed’s Letter
In the mad rush to pack, shovel in the kids, ensure you have all the right food and passports, and vehicle papers, the holiday getaway you have planned is often off to a frantic start. Sometimes it’s more frantic than the working months that came bef
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The Land Cruiser nameplate is synonymous with off-road prowess, so it was with much fanfare, in September, that Toyota announced it had made 10 million of these vehicles since the very first ‘Jeep BJ’ rolled off the production line on 1 August 1951.
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If you’re the type of person who just can’t resist stepping on the toes of purists, irritating those from the Land Cruiser community and Defender enthusiasts alike, you’ll love Pugly. Hendri Mouton, an engineer and owner of 4x4 accessory company Zomb