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LEE HOLMES runs Supercharged Food and recently released her newest book Supercharge Your Gut. Visit her blog at superchargedfood.com for more cooking inspiration, recipes and tips.

In my Supercharged Kitchen at home, autumn/winter is a time when I rev up the stove, bring out the crockpot from the back of the cupboard and get more into home cooking. My philosophy for this time of the year is based on the concept of low and slow and feeding my family warming, nourishing meals

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It's In The Doing
@vanillabel Dancing! Nothing like it to get the endorphins flowing. Brings me so much joy. @josephinezappia Diffuse essential oils around your space. Brilliant mood enhancer. @ashleygish_np Feeding my family. Food is my love language and there are so
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When you think of sunlight, what qualities come to mind? Is it warmth, kindness, empathy, lightness? Think about the people in your life that embody those same sunlight qualities. Who are they? Are they in your inner circle? Put them there. What abou
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Some Truth
The Saba Organics and Priceline team are motivated by the love of people, principles and planet. Priceline is one of the very few national pharmacy brands to still offer world class service and a wealth of knowledge, with a smile. You can feel and se