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The comfort of familiarity can be a wonderful anchor to bring you back “home”. Home might be physically returning to your humble abode, the warm embrace of a loved one or perhaps even a connection to, a feeling state. Bhava is cultivated through a clear intention of what you want to create and impart, which you then hold space for.

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WellBeing7 min letti
The Unsung Power Of Giving
It has been a year fraught with climate, virus and economic anxiety. We have been turned inside out, our sacred “normal” shaken from us with such vigour that we’ve been left battered and bruised from a tumble dryer of crises set to high heat and maxi
WellBeing5 min letti
The Soul’s Blueprint
Daisy Clementine Douglas begins our online session with an opening prayer. Her voice is soft and knowledgeable as she asks me to close my eyes and bring awareness to my breath. She moves presence through my entire body, connecting with Mother Earth a
WellBeing3 min lettiPsychology
Feldenkrais Method®
A builder, a surfer and a dancer walk into a room. What do they have in common? These men were all facing the possibility that they would have to stop doing what they love because of pain and injury. Initially, their interest in the Feldenkrais Metho