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Tired of finding feline calling cards in your garden? Here are four simple solutions. Make a repellent by combining two parts cayenne pepper, three parts dry mustard and five parts flour. Simply mix together and sprinkle. Cats don’t like tea leaves, so empty your used ones onto the garden soil. Try using a sprinkler activated by a motion sensor. Getting doused once or twice will deter any cat. To keep them off your pots, use 150mm-long wires made from old coat hangers. Insert half the length

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A Plot Worth Bottling
Fullerton Cove is a rural suburb of Port Stephens in the middle of the vast Hunter alluvial plain just north of Newcastle. To the east are the Stockton sand dunes; to the west a mangrove forest that wraps around the cove itself, a large backwater off
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A Happy Midyim
The midyim berry, also known as midgen berry or sandy berry, is my favourite bush-tucker berry. Its large white pearl-sized fruit is speckled with purple and it tastes a little bit like a blueberry, but with a bit more tang. Midyim plants are endemic
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Natives: they’re really a nobrainer, aren’t they? Goodlooking, waterwise and, having adapted to our harsh climate, they’re as tough as old boots. They bring the beauty of the Australian bush into our backyards. Once, when we thought about planting na