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Have you ever cracked an egg and found a gooey double-yolk staring back at you? Rubbing your eyes in disbelief, did you question if you were dreaming? The chances of getting a double-yolk egg are about one in 1000, but what are your chances of cracking 11 double-yolk eggs from the one carton? If your eggs come from happy hens like Tom and Fiona Fryar’s, the odds are surprisingly high.

“We had a lady ring up once to say, ‘We got 11 double-yolkers out of a dozen eggs — what happened to the other one?’” Tom laughs. The husband-and-wife team own Fryar’s Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs, a poultry farm located on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. With the help of their sons Jason and Tom and wives Bonnie and Kirby, the

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Eat Well
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Crumbed & delicious
Making a crumbed meal simply involves coating your food in flour, dipping it in a liquid such as a beaten egg or milk (dairy or plant) and then covering it in crumbs made from bread or things like herbs, quinoa and coconut. You can crumb just about a