Australian Homespun



• 35cm ( 3/8yd) print fabric – see Note (outer panels)

• 12 x 53cm (5 x 21in) mesh fabric such as By Annie’s (outer pockets)

• 35cm ( 3/8yd) laminated cotton (lining and inner zipper pocket)

• 50cm ( 1/2yd) solid fabric – see Note (handles, handle connectors, inside lid zipper pocket, trim and piping)

• 50 x 53cm (20 x 21in) bag foam such as By Annie’s Soft and Stable Foam Interfacing

• 50cm ( 1/2yd) medium-weight fusible interfacing such as Pellon Shapeflex SF101 or Legacy Shapeflex L-SF101

• 80cm ( 7/8yd) of Size 00 (2.5mm/ 3/32in) piping cord or ready-made piping

• Four 3cm (1 1/4in) D rings

• 66cm (26in) double-pull zipper – see Note (top opening)

• One 15cm (6in) and one 20cm (8in) dress zipper (inside pockets)

• Bag rivets and rivet-setting tools (optional)

• Decorative label (optional)

• Fabric glue and sticky tape

• Small binding clips – see Lisa’s Tips for working with laminated cotton

• Paper (patterns)

• Thread to match the solid fabric/s

• Rotary cutter, ruler and mat

• Sewing machine with walking/Teflon foot and heavy-duty needle

• General sewing supplies

Finished size: 25cm (10in) wide x 15cm (6in) high x 15cm (6in) deep

Note: Read all the instructions before starting the project. Requirements are based on fabric 107cm (42in) wide. Lisa’s outer fabric is a directional print, which she fussy cut to highlight the fish – more fabric may be required to do this depending on the print you choose. Lisa used teal solid fabric for her handles, handle connectors and inside lid zipper pocket, and navy solid fabric for the trim and piping. Seam allowances of 1/2in are used throughout unless otherwise stated. You can make a double-pull zipper using two long-pull zippers of the same brand, one the stated length and a shorter one,  

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