Australian Homespun


Some ultra-creatives have decided that simply purling and plaining isn’t challenging enough, and have turned knitting into an extreme sport. One yarn wizard has travelled deep into the sea for some aquatic knitting. Another has stitched up a beanie while abseiling down a canyon. And yet another dedicated crafter has knitted a scarf while running a marathon – truly! They’re taking multitasking to a whole new level while making a hybrid hobby of their two favourite activities. Other experienced stitchers have ditched yarn and opted for unusual materials – knitting with instant noodles and making knitted glass sculptures. They show us how using a familiar technique with a new medium can produce surprising results.

Now let’s jump from one extreme to the other – there’s a designer who makes giant knits with PVC pipe needles, creating super-chunky homewares, and an artist who knits in miniature using wire needles and creating art pieces that are so small they fit on a fingertip. Such fine work tests your eye sight, whereas the large-scale work gives muscles a workout. All quite remarkable – and we haven’t even mentioned the knitted Ferrari yet!

The following knitters all have talent and perseverance in equal measure. A ‘what if …’ thought was the starting point, and they’ve made it a reality. They’ve got some great yarns to share about the experience.

Miniature knitting

It doesn’t get much smaller than the exquisite work of Althea Crome. Her tiny socks, jackets and gloves are a marvel of skill, precision and creativity.

Her interest in knitting began when a college room-mate taught her the basics. After each new project, Althea

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