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This ‘PC Audio’ column is getting a bit meta. See, typically I write about how to get the most out of your PC for recording, but lately I’ve actually been my PC! Let me explain. Electromagnetic fields can be found all around us, yet they all remain inaudible and invisible to us until converted into waveforms using a suitable pickup. Some fields — like the earth’s own magnetic field, and that around a bar magnet — are static, but the alternating currents (AC) produced by most mains electricity supplies produce time-varying electromagnetic fields. It’s those fields we can pick up from suitable electrical appliances

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Audio Technology3 min letti
KORG VOLCA NUBASS Vacuum Tube Synthesiser
My first drum machine back in the ’80s was a Roland TR-606. It was what I could afford at the time and it didn’t stay in its original form for more than one day — it soon had separate outputs and tunable toms, and it was quite unique. At the same tim
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Ed Space
Here’s a question I recently asked myself: Do kids drink water straight from a garden hose anymore? I don’t think they do. For whatever reason, slurping straight from the hose occupies a disproportionately large chunk of my childhood summer recollect
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RØDE VIDEOMIC NTG Shotgun Microphone
Rode’s VideoMic NTG sees two worlds collide — namely, the VideoMic family of utilitarian tools for videographers, and the NTG line of broadcast-style shotgun microphones aimed at audio professionals. The result is a versatile supercardioid self-power