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Cottages and Bungalows3 min letti
Key Ingredients
1 Stunningly simple. Metal candlesticks are painted with subtle gray-and-brown ombre effect for a creative and classic look. Candlesticks, set of 3, $98. Visit 2 Make a glowing statement. Jute rope netting wrapped around an aqua
Cottages and Bungalows2 min letti
Trailblazing Trailer
Who says all dream spaces have to be homes? Interior designer Alison Kandler’s latest project, a 30-foot Airstream trailer, proves that you can outfit any space to your dreamy specifications—and take it on the road with you. Alison focuses on craftin
Cottages and Bungalows4 min letti
Old -School Decorating
When you were a child, did you think your teachers livedattheschool? Well, first-grade teacher Christine Hebbring actually does live in a school! Her home was originally a one-room schoolhouse built in 1885. Christine also owns an online home-décor s