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1 Cozzia Qi CZ-730 Smart Massaging Chair

A hand-held body tension sensor built in to this smart chair evaluates the stiffness in your back. You can then tell the app where you’re experiencing problems and it’ll use that info along with your biometric data to create a personalised massage programme specially

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Find the lowest prices at: t3.com/bestdishwasher £629, bosch-home.co.uk A top-notch dishwasher that uses zeolite, a magical mineral that turns moisture into heat, in this case to dry dishes without using extra electricity. And by dry we mean bone dry
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Your Weight-shedding Workout Plan
HIIT isn’t just a buzz-phrase. Although the way it is sometimes promoted is closer to Scientology than science, a HIIT workout can have big positive effects and, by definition, it doesn’t take long. Be ready to get your heart rate pounding by any mea
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Fitness Trackers
Find the lowest prices at: t3.com/bestfitness £130, fitbit.com The best fitness tracker you can buy and a big step forward for Fitbit, adding features such as GPS and a new exercise tracker alongside the step-counting. There are plentiful sleeptracki