A Culture of Giving

very fall, the moment the weather changes, I begin fantasizing about the version of myself who makes Christmas gifts for friends: jars or bottles carefully filled with homemade and charmingly labeled with chicken scratch. I’ve put a lot of thought into that perfect homemade gift. It’s planned weeks or months in advance, and it impresses with its thoughtfulness. It can’t be bought. It’s a gift that will be consumed—that disappears, so it doesn’t become an albatross, something the recipient is saddled with and unable to throw away out of guilt. It should be an edible gift that lasts a fairly long time to remind you of my friendship, but doesn’t oppress with its presence or expiration date, demanding you eat it, or filling you with shame when you notice it in the fridge and don’t. And it should

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We Hope You’re OK.
In 1990, Richard Linklater revolutionized the indie-film world with Slacker, a movie that made doing absolutely nothing look like active rebellion. Then Nirvana more than underscored the point with Nevermind. Which inspired the 1992 grunge collection
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The Soul Of Guadeloupe In A Sandwich
VIRTUALLY EVERY PLACE HAS AN iconic street food—that inexpensive, highly portable bite capable of telegraphing its geographical culinary identity to the rest of the world. The United States is known for hot dogs; Vietnam, banh mi. In Guadeloupe, the
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My Not-So-Secret Garden
THE KIND CITIZENS OF ATHENS, New York, (population 1,603) thought I was crazy when, two months into quarantining here, I dug up my entire backyard to plant a vegetable garden. “The groundhogs will get it,” said one neighbor, matter-of-factly. “You ha