Making Kimchi Is Easier Than You Think

Once your chile paste is made, homemade kimchi is simply a matter of mixing everything together, sealing the jar, then just patiently waiting.

1. Salt the cabbage.

“This is the number-one thing,” Choi says about salting, a part of the process called in Korean. Salting the cabbage and letting it rest draws out its water and gives it a lightly “cooked” texture, preparing it to be fermented. “Not every salt is the same and not every cabbage is the same, so even if you have an exact recipe, you will still probably have to improvise based on what looks and feels right.” Eight to 10 hours of rest after salting is a good starting point, but check earlier to determine how much the cabbage leaves have wilted. “You want a little bit of crunch to remain, but when you lift up the cabbage, it should flop down,” says Choi. Be sure to

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