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overcome the lure of a cozy bed for an early a.m. run or to squeeze in a fourmiler after work. But on top of it, runners constantly hear that they should tack on a 20- minute warmup too. That’s not Instagram followers confirmed that most—er, 75 percent—forgo a proper prerun routine. So does doing one actually benefit your run that much?

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How To Defend Yourself
YOU DON’T NEED to learn how to defend yourself from an attacker. But many women feel safer with some self-defense know-how. Runner and Krav Maga instructor Julie Barron Morrill has lots of experience teaching runners how to defend themselves: Over th
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The Inside Lane
ON A RECENT WORK TRIP to Boston, I did what I always do when I travel: dropped my bag at the hotel and immediately headed out for a run. The popular Charles River Path, usually bustling with runners and cyclists, was growing quiet as daylight faded,
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How To Be An Effective Bystander
AIA POLANSKY, 34, says she was running along Boston’s Charles River at 6 am on a summer day when she noticed an approaching runner pulling down his shorts. “At first I thought he was just fixing himself or having a pee emergency,” the personal traine