the top nutrition advances of the 21st century

PERFORMANCE NUTRITION is an ever-evolving milieu, and unless your coffee table is stacked high with journals or your bestie is a registered dietitian, chances are you’re behind on the latest trends. Brighter minds in the world of sports nutrition—several of which are cited here—continue to churn out discoveries that, when applied properly, can help you lose weight, recover better, increase strength and live longer. These emerging areas of study represent just a small portion of what has been unearthed in this realm recently—which of these advances will unlock your true potential?


Nootropics are a category of supplements that are both man-made (Adderall) and natural (omega-3 fatty acids), which support thought, memory and productivity. “Some nootropics like theanine, which is found in green tea, have been shown to enhance memory and learning abilities,” says Kamal Patel, MPH (). “And ashwagandha has been around since ancient times in India and can protect

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Renowned yoga instructor, personal trainer, track athlete and life coach Koya Webb has designed the perfect six-week program to get you through the holidays with ease and sanity. Her unique workouts blend yoga, strength training, running drills and h
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Give Your Goals The "Dead Man Test"
Dropping bad habits helps you achieve your goals, but don’t make avoidance your main focus. “Set goals to add, accomplish or gain something, and avoid setting ‘not-to’ or ‘stop’ goals,” Lisa Lewis says. “Instead of setting out not to sit on the couch
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Ask the Nutritionist
How accurate are the calorie counts on package labels? TBH, the calories listed on a Nutrition Facts label are an estimate rather than a strict value — but they are pretty darn close. A calorie is quantified as the amount of energy required to raise