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Superfoods for Every Foodie

What is a superfood anyway? These days, it’s such a ubiquitous term that you probably can’t help but wonder, “Is it really that super? What makes it so?” And it’s a fair question. I can’t speak for. The process for proclaiming a food “super” first starts out with our team consulting our advisory board and gathering responses on what they consider the most nutrient-dense and of-the-moment foods. We then take the most overlapped suggestions from panel to research and distill the short list until we have a tight crop of nutritional heavyweights that the science simply can’t deny. Every fall, we round up 10 of the most healing and preventative foods of the year, but this time, we decided to shake things up a little. Instead of covering the slightly more exotic superfoods du jour (we’re looking at you, camu camu), we opted for everyday superfoods you’re probably already eating – and that are super-easy to find – so you can learn a little more about these underrated heroes and make room for them at your table more often. For those of you who like to elevate your wellness agenda with even more fervor, we’ve got you, too. This issue is loaded with recipes, tips and tricks to power and protect you. Hoping you find some inspiration within.

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20 Ingredients For A Week Of Healthy Eating
F V GF SERVES 4.  HANDS-ON TIME: 15 MINUTES.  TOTAL TIME: 1 HOUR, 15 MINUTES. This velvety soup packs big flavor with pungent rosemary and mellowed roasted garlic. A topper of toasted almonds adds a nice crunch – simply chop up whole almonds, or use
Clean Eating3 min lettiMedical
Party-Proof Your Body
Late nights, last-minute shopping and those family members that just won’t leave: all the activity can skyrocket stress and send your happy-holidays mood into a tailspin. If your good cheer is as dim as a burned-out Christmas tree light, adaptogens a
Clean Eating3 min lettiMedical
Gut & Heart Health Update
Q: Do carbs raise cholesterol? A: Not directly. But a better question would be, do carbs increase the risk of heart disease? And that’s where it gets a little thorny. First, let’s talk about the relevance of the standard cholesterol test. In my view