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Better Nutrition in the 1990s, part 2

Toward the end of the 1990s, a faction of nutritionists, researchers, and doctors—most notably Robert C. Atkins, MD—started speaking out against the fat-free diets that were popular at the time. These experts maintained that fat wasn’t the problem. Instead it

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Book Reviews
by Jeffrey Anshel, OD Scratchiness, burning, blurred vision, difficulty driving at night, eye fatigue, eye pain—these are all symptoms of dry eye. Sometimes mistaken for allergies, dry eye involves diminished tear production or tears that evaporate t
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New Lease on Life
“You’ll be dead in two years” are words Bill Ellis, 71, of Pikeville, Tenn., heard at his first cancer diagnosis in 2007. “Wild Country Bill” is no regular guy. He dabbles in real estate … delivers a calf here and there … delivers the mail “just to c
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Product Spotlights
Whole Earth & Sea Fermented Organic Greens from Natural Factors is a 100% fermented, certified organic plant-based superfood formula! It features an organic herb, vegetable, and grass blend grown at Factors Farms and also includes medicinal mushrooms